Coated linen placemat




Italian embroidered oil-clothed linens for the table


The unique coating makes the placemats and coasters stain and wrinkle resistant, as well, care free: simply wipe up spills with a damp sponge.


Made-to-order straight away in Rome, Italy

Fuchsia Napkin

  • The unique coating of placemats makes them stain and wrinkle resistant. Caring for placemats is easy. Should a spill happen, simply wipe clean with a damp sponge. Heavier soiling can be machine washed on the gentle cycle using cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry at (tumble drying is not recommended). If pressing is desired, use the iron’s high steam setting and press on the reverse side. Note that shrinkage of about 3% is normal with the first laundering. Rayon embroidery thread will provide the best texture match for the placemats’ mercerized cotton border. Rayon will also resist shrinkage when laundered.


    I Placemats Parentesi sono antimacchia e idrorepellenti, lavare le tovagliette non è mai stato cosi facile.

    Per pulire basta una semplice spugna per togliere qualsiasi macchia.

    Lo sporco più resistente piò essere lavato in lavatrice a 30° con il ciclo delicato.

    Non mettere in asciugatore.

    Al primo lavaggio può essere normale un restringimento del 3%.