The catalogue is like a family album for all of us at La Gallina Matta.
Each processing phase has its own history and each article has its own distinctive character.

Uniqueness is a core concept, and each article is the result of a specific search, a particular need, a new incentive or a new inspiration, without forgetting the power of randomness – which play a part in every creative process.
Our collections speak many different languages, they are alternative interpretations of the taste and pleasure of decorating linked profoundly by a passion for quality and beauty.

Precious materials

The production process hides a fundamental secret that allows us to continue our business over time, a combination of Italian qualities – ingeniousness, imagination, tradition – together with a curiosity that is always strong and focused on the present.
We only choose, or have prepared exclusively for us,linens and fabrics that make our collections totally unique..
One of our specialties is the use of rubberised linen, a material obtained by applying a water polymer and a layer of natural rubber to the linen in order to make it resistant to wear and impermeable to stains. Our rubberised linen can be cleaned with a single stroke of a sponge or washed in the washing machine at 30°C. This allows us to deliver a fabric to our customers that is aesthetically impeccable, but also practical for everyday life.

Craftsmanship spirit

It is not only the attention we pay to materials that makes what we produce so valuable.
Our laboratory is an authentically crafted “creative” kingdom.
A team of tailors are constantly at work among the rolls of cloth, reels of thread in every possible colour, pen or pencil sketches and new generation machinery. All our products are trimmed with scissors and hand stitched. So every hem, every edge and every item of embroidery that enhances our creations assume graceful and natural shapes.

Bespoke projects

In our laboratory we exchange opinions on new combinations or models, but we also lend a keen ear to the opinions of our customers.
What would creativity be without dialogue? From craftsmanship traditions we have inherited the desire to cultivate relationships with those who choose our creations. For this reason we are always at the service of our customers to created bespoke collections and tailored articles.